Oli decided to offer a $15,000 per year Mastermind (called the Player’s Mastermind) so he can help business owners who want to grow and scale get to the next level.

Oli is passionate about helping businesses reach seven figures. He has done it 5 times in separate businesses, and he loves showing other small business owners and entrepreneurs how to follow in his footsteps.

So he decided to start NextLevelBusiness.com so he can help people grow their business fast while cutting their work hours in half.


A common thread among Oli’s impressive success story is a strong desire to help others achieve massive success in their businesses.

Oli loves teaching the latest cutting-edge, conversion-led, money-making strategies. He gets a thrill when a business owner achieves a major breakthrough because of one of his insights.

Now his mission is to give back and become the catalyst that opens the floodgates to more wealth, prosperity and freedom for as many growth-minded small business owners as possible.



Next Level Business employs 24 people from all over the world and is headquartered in three offices worldwide (Staffordshire and London in the U.K and San Diego). 

We also hold events all over the world that help growth-minded business owners dive deeper into the program materials and get their questions answered in person.


Unit 9&10, Tilcon Avenue
Baswich Lane Industrial Estate
Stafford, ST18 0YJ